The Loveshack engages new audiences for a 173 year-old brand

Through lifestyle-focused content, Fernet-Branca is suddenly able to break through to new audiences and earn much-needed relevance with prime consumers.

Research shows us that people who enjoy Fernet-Branca tend to be seasoned cocktail enthusiasts who are far more likely than the masses to explore new, bold taste profiles and actively seek out the newest places, experiences & events. They value being first in their peer group to know about worthwhile happenings and they’re self-proclaimed foodies.

So, The Loveshack created (“For the Mind” in Italian) for Fernet-Branca, the brand’s first content hub aimed at engaging curious, socially active audiences who value premium, creative experiences in the worlds of dining & libations.

Far beyond what one would expect to find in Time Out or Thrillist, PerLaMente goes deep with a new theme each month. From secret dinner parties to unique sensory explorations to creative people and the cocktails they love, PerLeMente’s stories showcase extraordinary happenings in culinary and libations, as well as the creators who define their respective scenes. The content property is designed to expand people’s ideas about what’s possible in the vast creative universe within the food and drink arena.

Fernet-Branca, celebrated for its distinctive taste, has been a favorite of bartenders and discerning tastemakers since 1845.

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