The Loveshack brings Fernet-Branca to Life is Beautiful

This August, Fernet-Branca sponsored Life is Beautiful, a large-scale Music & Arts Festival in Downtown Las Vegas.

For a brand with a bold & polarizing taste profile, activating in an environment of general audiences meant employing a new strategy for introducing the liquid in a way that first-timers would respond favorably.

Fernet-Branca is an Italian Amaro with 27 herbs & spices – the signature taste profile is incredibly bold, and for most first-timers, it can be too much to take straight.  It’s often called “misunderstood” and a quintessential example of “acquired taste.” So, when introducing the brand to mass audiences, The Loveshack needed to find a way to make the first encounter with the brand, an awesome one.

Visitors to our booth were invited to take part in a simple questionnaire which tipped us off to their personal preferences and passions – like their preferred taste preferences, dream vacation destinations, favorite season, etc.  Just like a dating app, the data was quickly run through an algorithm which matched them to a Fernet-Branca cocktail they were likely to fall in love with based on their answers.

To bring it to the next level, we had a professional photographer take their portrait, where it went on display instantly – matched against a beauty shot of their cocktail.  Then, they were invited to step over to the bar & enjoy their cocktail. The engagement was immediately followed up with an email including their portrait, cocktail, and recipe.

Fernet-Branca, celebrated for its distinctive taste, has been a favorite of bartenders and discerning tastemakers since 1845.

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