85 years later, The Sweetwater Social Club lives on

It was 85 years ago today that the ill-conceived prohibition era ended in the good old US of A.

Gin gushed and beer flowed as people toasted the painful passing of America’s 13-year ‘dry’ period of moonshine and speakeasies that allowed gangsters to flourish. In honor of ‘Repeal Day,’ we launched the Sweetwater Social Club, inspired by the era and the free-willed spirit of people who weren’t going to be told what to do. The bootleggers, swillers and benevolent agitators who lived life to the fullest and believed that society was about progress, not perfection. In today’s world of increased legislation and society’s politically correct tendency to set out a list of rules for the do’s and don’ts of living a ‘good life’, we’re headed towards a temperance movement of another kind. And while we believe in living responsibly, we also believe in living freely. So, today and every day, we’re raising our glass high and saying to cheers to all who “Live Without Reservation.”

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