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‘Friendly Twist’ features a cap that can’t be opened without another matching cap, inviting consumers to open a new friendship. To launch the idea and show off our design, Leo Burnett, one of the brand’s advertising agencies, identified the people in most desperate need of a little friendly conversation – college freshmen at the beginning of the school year and put a stash of bottles on a campus. When students find they can’t open their Coke on their own, they quickly discover they need to partner with someone who has a matching cap. This real-world friending idea ignited a social media frenzy and doubled sales -because you need to buy a second bottle to open the first.

Burnett’s campaign for ‘Friendly Twist’ has become quite famous in its own right, but there’s little known about where the idea came from in the first place – the Mighty Shed. This Fresh Thinking generated a thousand ideas and developed them into 25 viable innovative concepts inviting consumers to literally ‘Open Happiness’.