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The Sweetwater Social Club is inspired by the Prohibition Era and the free-willed spirit of the people who weren’t going to be told what to do. The bootleggers, swillers and benevolent agitators who lived life to the fullest and believed that society was about progress not perfection. In today’s world of increased legislation and society’s politically correct tendency to set out a list of rules for the do’s and don’ts of living a ‘good life’, we’re headed towards a temperance movement of another kind. And while we believe in living responsibly, we believe deeply in living freely, inclusively and without reservation.

The Bootleg Bonbons were inspired by alchemy. We wanted to celebrate the imaginative ways people are reinventing the culinary experience, the most intoxicating example being the cocktail renaissance. Today’s passion for both tradition and reinvention of the cocktail through technological advancements, culinary innovations and the exponential boom in high-end spirits got us thinking.

So, we headed to the kitchen with a lot of booze and began to experiment. The result: more-ish bite-size jellies spiked with an inventive twist on classic cocktails. We launched the new product on December 5th, 2014, orders are now pouring in and so far people are saying:

“Wow, what an unexpected surprise, stunning design and beautiful tasting bonbons”

“They’re sinfully delicious!”

“Thank you so much for introducing me to a new form of booze, I’ve nearly finished the box and can’t decide which I like best — but does it really matter, LOL!”

The Sweetwater Social Club is featured in Creative Review and The Dieline.