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Using our proprietary global mega trends, we identified new behavioral opportunities to engage consumers in the opening experience in unexpected and original ways. We quickly identified that the Connectivity mega trend offered a unique insight into unmet consumer needs with Coca-Cola products and helped created an overnight marketing success by re-imagining Coca-Cola’s most intimate brand touch point as the ultimate proof point of what it means to ‘Open Happiness’.

People love to connect online and share every experience as they’re living it. From ‘selfie’s’ to ‘likes,’ sharing life’s little moments is a part of our digital world billions of times a day. Using ethnographic research techniques we identified opportunities to apply the Connectivity trend to an offline world. We learned that sharing a Coke with a friend is an enjoyable experience, but that literally sharing your Coke with someone else, was more difficult. People didn’t want someone else’s mouth on their can, no matter how close a friend they were. This led to the development of the ‘Sharing Can,’ which launched in Singapore. The success in Singapore quickly spread across Asia Pacific increasing overall sales by 23% throughout the region.