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Pastry for the People

Dave the Cake is celebrating Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of ultimate Happiness with the sweet promise of ‘Pastry for the People’. Sparking a confectionery revolution through accessible and sophisticated French pastries for all walks of life, we designed a bold brand identity and packaging design system to inspire the proletariat and bourgeoisie alike that pastries are more than just cake pops and cupcakes for commoners. Supreme quality is for all.

Dave the Cake, founded in Birmingham, England, will launch the new design as a part of their expansion into the United States with a second shop in Charleston, South Carolina. Dave the Cake was featured on the Dieline and the Drum.

As agency of record for Dave the Cake, we crafted the revolutionary promise of ‘Pastry for the People’. Other projects to date include: brand creation, identity, promotion and packaging.