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Howard’s been a digital native without knowing it since before we even used the word digital to describe what he does. Since the first time he turned on an Atari 2600 in the 80′s and wondered if he could ‘borrow’ games from the local arcade onto the black plastic cartridges (answer – of course not!) he’s been tinkering with digital technology and communications to answer life’s big questions.

Working in the digital marketing and advertising field since the mid 90′s, mostly in ad-agency roles, he decided two years ago to break away and work on what he found valuable and interesting for himself as well as ‘feeding the machine’ and took to the life of a consultant. Howard first worked with our founder Angelique during his time as Head of Digital at TMS London and the relationship has continued on to this day.

Howard is a modern day ‘hybrid’ marketeer with a background covering technology, creative thinking, strategy and delivery – but perhaps this does him a disservice. Coming from an education background where he studied film and postmodernity, leading to his ultimate love affair with the Internet, his view on digital isn’t so much as ‘cool! – how does it work?’ but more ‘cool! – what can it do for us?’

We think that’s a far more interesting point of view and why we asked him to become Digital Partner for Shed.