David Green, Operations Partner

A very long time ago, before we plugged anything into a wall (the early 1980s), David began a traditional advertising career at a traditional advertising agency. It was a fine start that any parent would be proud of, even though he was accused of “selling out to the man” by hawking products and services to people who didn’t need them. Several agencies later, then 12 years more at The Wall Street Journal (helping to start wsj.com), came the year 2000: the year the internet collapsed under its own weight, and David created his own digital design agency. From unplugged to super-plugged, he evolved to helping others understand the unlimited potential of online networks.

In addition to digital marketing, David also wrote blogs on contemporary art for the everyday person claiming that the art market was far too, to put it frankly, up its arse. Contemporary Monkey brought understanding and humour to the art world while defusing contemporary art into something more approachable for the rest of us. The work involved a lot of translation; from ridiculous to sane.

Then something very strange happened. David decided working digitally wasn’t enough, so he went back to school in 2011…to learn French pastry from Le Cordon Bleu in London. Now he spends half his day as our Operations Partner, the other half making macaroons, petit four, chocolates, and other skillful sweets. Many days the line is blurred, so be prepared to hear analogies that make you hungry. Shed is, probably, the only brand innovation studio boasting its own pastry chef.