Chloe Borrows


Chloe Borrows, Marketing Executive

Ask – Believe – Receive. Chloe believes that positive outcomes begin with positive beliefs. If you can believe it will happen, then it will. She’ll even use ABR when looking for parking. Chloe’s positive belief in the laws of attraction must be working because she’s found us at The Mighty Shed. And we found her.

At The Shed, Chloe uses her positivism to keep us all together. She’s the global glue for the small but mighty Shed. She’s our Brand Organiser, Brand Producer and Brand Activator…sometimes all at the same time. The art of juggling client calls and relationships, with project management, and football banter, are just some of the curious moments of Chloe’s day.

While she’s a very positive person, Chloe doesn’t like everything. She’s never been to London’s Trafalgar Square because, well, she doesn’t like pigeons. Fears ‘em. Will walk 10 minutes out of the way to avoid them. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher: this bird’s not for turning. And copper! Don’t ask… Let’s just say you won’t find one and two-pence pieces anywhere near Chloe’s handbag (personally we think she just likes the bling of silver).