Shed Foundry
Shed is an innovation foundry dedicated to forging mightier brands through practicing creative alchemy. Some of what we do is for clients. Some are collaborations. Some start here. All are original.

In a nutshell: 0 ego, 1 purpose – growth, 4 locations (Birmingham UK, Charleston SC, Seattle WA, Chicago IL), 100+ brands forged, 118+ countries served, 300+ products launched, 3000+ packs designed, 100,000,000+ people touched.

Specialties: Innovation Insights, Strategy, Brand Worlds, New Product Development, Packaging Design, Communication.

Brands: 3M, Accolade Wines, American Airlines, AT&T, Bentley, British Telecom, Brooks Running Shoes, Burberry, Camel, Care, Cayman Islands International Film Festival, Coca-Cola, Conservation International, Dave the Cake, Dyson, Eddie Bauer, General Mills, GlaxoSmithKline, HTC, Jaguar, Levi’s, Maria Grachvogel, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Motel 6, Natural American Spirit, Nike, Orange, Oxfam, Pall Mall, Shell, Starbucks, Snow+Rock, Sweetwater Social Club, Tazo Tea, Tesco, TGI Fridays, The Richards Group, Wall Street Journal, Weber-Stephen, Wicked & Wonderful, Winston.